BusySlim Fatigue Reviva Blend


Busyslim’s Fatigue Reviva Blend has been designed to blast away fatigue, build your stamina and energy reserves, develop your immune system and put your body in the optimum state for muscle recovery and growth-and improve your feelings of well-being and sharpen your mental focus at the same time.

If you are busy and are suffering from fatigue, who is looking to get the most out of their body and their lifestyle will benefit from Busyslim’s Fatigue Reviva Blend. It is easy and quick to use as all you need to do is mix one serve of the Fatigue Reviva Blend in water and drink – as per serving suggestion on the container.

Busyslim’s Fatigue Reviva Blend is based on 15 years of research and development by doctors, professors and leading sports nutrition experts and backed by a series of worldwide clinical trials.

Busyslim’s Fatigue Reviva Blend has patented AMINOFLOW DELIVERY COMPLEX technology, a cutting edge system that bypasses standard digestive processes and shuttles the nutrients directly into the bloodstream for fast and efficient uptake into the body where it is needed most.