BusySlim Brushwood 100% Whole Grain Oats


500 grams of 100% locally produced Whole Grain Oats. Each serving works out to be 50 cents per serving. 

No additives. 

Naturally low in salt.

Source of dietary fibre.

The difference between supermarket oats and the Brushwood oats:
The difference with these oats is that they are rolled and vacuum sealed so they don't get a chance to go stale. In comparison, the supermarket brands are dried after rolling so they have a longer shelf life, therefore not as fresh or tasty. The problem with oats is that they start to oxidise as soon as you cut them or roll them. Oxidisation changes the flavour, texture and bioavailability of the nutrients. Fresh oats will go rancid and they will oxidise if they are not preserved by drying or vacuum sealing.

A lot of the supermarket oats say that they are wholegrain on the front of the pack, but on the back, in smaller print, they say that they are not less than say 30% or 70% wholegrain.