What is Busy Slim?

Why Choose Busyslim?

Over 20 years ago, Tanisha Tottman found that the secret to losing weight isn’t just about diet. As a full time worker and mother, she went on a mission to find a solution for people who share a busy lifestyle but don’t have the time to lose some of those extra kilos. The fruits of her labour are a story of success.

Understanding that busy people don’t have time for the gym every day, Tanisha became a personal trainer and developed a lifestyle routine that would soon see her lose 50 kilos. She watched her health, happiness and vitality skyrocket. Most importantly, she had created a regime that gave her a toned body that only gym-goers are used to seeing.

Finding major success with such an empowering and educational program, she founded BusySlim. This life-changing program caters for people who care about their weight, health and happiness but simply don’t have the time to nurture themselves physically. Using a holistic approach with positivity and knowledge as a foundation.

BusySlim is the answer for the masses.

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