Toni's Journey

Toni's Journey

March 15, 2017


Left - Progress shot of Toni after losing 9.3kg and 47cm. Right - Toni after the Busyslim 12 Week Program, weighing less than her goal weight!

When it comes to losing weight, let’s face it, it ain’t easy. Portion size, calories, exercise and wait for it, mind. When we want to lose weight it’s because we don’t fit in our clothes anymore or it’s for health reasons. For me it was for health reasons. My weight was up and went up quickly, and my cholesterol was up as well. I was told that I had to go on cholesterol medication. Not if I could help it. My weight was 78kg and my cholesterol was 8. At the end of the 12wks I had lost approx 11kg and my cholesterol level was back to 5.4, where it had been for years, and no meds required. Yay. It was a case of I had to do it and do it properly or not do it at all. For me it meant a meal plan, portion size and calorie control, exercise and getting into the right head space. This is where the workshops come into their own. They contain a heck of a lot of information to absorb but the bits you take away with you help…...a lot.

The first time I did Busyslim and lost weight it didn’t seem to be a struggle. Ok, there was a week where I did gain but that was a small amount. There are times where I had a blowout of my daily calories, but you acknowledge it, take responsibility and move on.

No one is perfect and it’s ok to give yourself permission to have a “cheat day”. Just don’t make it every day. Towards the end of the my first Busyslim 12wk program, and getting closer to my goal weight of 65kg, it got harder. I was losing only 100 grams at a time, but a loss is a loss. At each weigh in the support, regardless of what the scales said, was fantastic. Bad week, the cheer squad was there for a pick me up. Good week, even better. Everyone is at the same starting point regardless of start weight and their goal.

This time around I did have cravings. Didn’t have them last time. Not an easy thing to get past as I couldn’t shake them. The worse part was that I would go to the fridge and nothing would interest me. Go to the pantry and the same thing. Eventually they did disappear and I didn’t cave in. Yay for me. The support from the group is fantastic when stuff happens, whether it is good or bad. One of the topics covered in the workshops is cravings and how to deal with them.

I have now reached my goal weight, actually below, and for me it is a matter of maintenance. The reason for continuing Busyslim was/is to cement the knowledge from the workshops in place so that I am able to maintain what I have gained, sorry lost.

Busyslim gives you the mental tools to do it. It’s not easy or quick. It’s a work in progress. It works!