Steve's Transformation

October 05, 2017

Steve Peverill

My Testimonial   September 2017





Hello, My name is Steve Peverill  and I am 50 years old,  I live in Camden NSW with my wife Nicci and daughter Olivia.

 How it all began was we would walk past Tanisha’s house who had her car parked outside with all the Busyslim sign writing on it that caught our eye.

Nicci would often say when we dropped off or picked up Olivia from school,  “I need to speak to the person at Busyslim about what this all means” as we were very busy people it was about time to find out what it meant. .

Then one day my wife did, she came home and said I am doing it.

This was the start of what was to come. She went through the 12 week program with amazing results that inspired me to give it a go.

Each week I would get a revised version of the program when Nicci got home from her meeting.

The clear message for me was this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

When we went out for dinner I ate all the wrong foods, also enjoying beers that hung around my waist line.

The message rang out loud and clear, I did not want a diet ….i needed a lifestyle change. My wife was doing this despite being extremely busy looking after our family and running her own cake business – she was changing herself despite working with sugar and chocolate everyday.

Basically I had been getting an inside head start from watching her change of what I needed to do in my life, not only for me but for my family also.

This motivated me to do the 12 week program, what did I have to lose!


When I started this journey I had been lacking in motivating, stamina and truly overweight.

It’s embarrassing to think at my worst I weight around 114 kilo’s.

The weeks leading up to starting the program had seen me drop a few kilo’s from listening and learning from Nicci.

 I thought  to myself, losing 7 kilos would be a good start, yet did I know I would lose just over 10 kilo’s in the 3 months of doing the program.

Since doing the 12 Week Busyslim program and having my lifestyle change I have dropped down to 93.5kilos and lost around 8 inches around my waistline.

I cannot believe I have gone from 102” jean’s down to 96” jeans, while the shirt size 5XL dropping to XL or XXL.

The day I realized my weight loss I  had  also seen my whole life change in front of me.

It’s been 5 months since my last beer, however I don’t miss it at all.

The Busyslim  program has educated, motivated and empowered me,  knowing what I eat, how I think and how I act has a knock on effect.

Don’t get me wrong I eat chocolate and I enjoy my sweet treats, it’s not what I use to indulge in like before. But now I know how to balance it. That’s a huge change for me.

The journey has seen me doing long walks, personal training with Tanisha once a week, and even a Saturday boot camp each fortnight.

Who would have thought this 6 months ago. This has given me a new lease on life.

The hardest thing for me was to get up and walk down to get started. No one likes to admit they need help,  but I did and I asked and  it was one of the smartest decisions I have made.

Our whole family is healthy. I am very proud of that.