Shannon's Journey

Shannon's Journey

March 15, 2017


Hi my name is Shannon Bradshaw and I can truly say that meeting Tanisha and doing the Busyslim program has changed my life permanently for the better.

When I started learning the Busyslim program and undertook personal training with Tanisha as well I was at an all time low point in my life. After the birth of my son Ethan I had really let myself go and the reality of trying to look after myself with having a baby was very different. I had the fabulous buggy and I had visions of being out each day walking and getting back into shape. But in reality the tiredness, change of lifestyle and my struggle to change some very bad behaviours around my health felt like an enormous mountain I just couldn’t get over.

I have to say that when I started Busyslim it was initially one on one but then I took part in two of the group based programs once they had been established and in these groups I gained even more knowledge and unwavering support from the Busyslim team and the other people who I met up with each week. I looked forward to these workshops immensely and it helped me to realise so many of us are dealing with the same struggles, they might just look on the outside to be different. On all counts the support and the tools I learnt to manage my busy lifestyle and change the emotional side for me has been life changing.

I have never looked back. Sure there have been times where I have had some slip ups but they have been small and I always knew very quickly why it happened and had the confidence now to finally know how to get back on track.

My son Ethan is my absolute pride and joy. He is such a big reason for me to be as fit and healthy as I can. I am proud of the fact that I feel I am a great role model to him in so many ways, from who I am as a person and how I treat others, my work ethic and finally how we now together live a much healthier lifestyle.

The journey hasn’t always been easy but it has been so worth it. I have now lost 17kg’s and I feel fantastic. My future is bright, I’m empowered with everything I have learnt and I will never go back. Thank you so much Tanisha for using your journey to help people like myself and for everyone in the Busyslim team for the fantastic support you give. Doing Busyslim truly was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself!.