Monica's Journey

Monica's Journey

March 10, 2017


Last year I decided to join Busyslim to get myself back into a healthy state of mind. Not just for me, but my family as well.

I was sick of being lazy, looking in the mirror and not seeing ‘a happy me’.

What I realised, is that these bad habits weren’t just affecting me but also my family.

I was disappointed in myself for not making an effort in choosing healthy eating habits – instead going for easy quick snack fixes and making excuses.

 Busyslim did it for me – it gave me the tools & guidance to make healthy choices.

Busyslim showed me that it was important to plan and care about myself.

Busyslim has shown me it’s okay to have ‘bad’ days because I choose to make other days ‘good’! 

Today, I am a better version of ‘me and I love it – thank you Busyslim!