Marion Windle - Update from a Post BusySlimmer

June 28, 2015

I started the Busyslim Program in September last year. I was excited from the very beginning of the program and over the course of the 12 weeks I learnt a lot about myself and how to ensure positive change. We learnt how to plan ahead of time especially with our food and I now make sure I have healthy snacks for those in between times of the day. We also focused a lot on realistic goal setting and the ways in which we can meet these goals. During the program I was able to meet my goals in weight loss and since finishing the program I have continued to lose weight by following my exercise and food plans. Currently I do physical culture classes once a week, play tennis 3 times a week and attend a personal training session at the gym. Exercise has become routine in my lifestyle and I couldn’t live without it. Food planning has also allowed me to achieve my goals, when I go out I like to try the salads at Barenz, as theyre appetizing and you know youre enjoying something tasty that is also healthy.

If I was to give one piece of advice to someone who wanted to make a positive change in their life and to lose weight permanently I would say make the decision to lose weight at the right time in your life and stick to it.  When youre in the right state of mind it is much easier to get results and follow through with your goals.

I would recommend the Busyslim program to others as it incorporates the detailed information/workshop sessions with an exercise session.  This was a benefit for me as it kept me interested and excited about the program and I believe helped me achieve my results. This was the one program that enabled me to begin my weight loss journey properly. It encouraged me to continue my busy lifestyle by giving me strategies to cope with a hectic social life and enable me to lose weight and build my general fitness along the way.  The staff are all very enthusiastic and are always available for help and encouragement.