Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating

February 15, 2017

Emotional Eating

Sometimes the strongest food cravings hit when you're at your weakest point emotionally.

Emotional eating is when a person uses food as an attempt to monitor, control and cope with negative situations, feelings or thoughts. Emotional eating occurs consciously or subconsciously when facing those pessimistic circumstances. The habit of emotional eating can become very destructive and often result in over eating, leading to weight gain. 

Here at Busyslim we have changed the lives of many individuals who have suffered weight gain from emotional eating. Find out about their journeys, and how they conquered emotional eating through their stories. 

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Lesley's Story

August 15, 2015

Lesley's Story


My name is Lesley Ellis and I’m over the moon with my transformation thanks to Tanisha Tottman’s 12 week Busyslim weight loss program.

Without the teary details I have come from a very dark past to which I fell into deep depression. Daily I would comfort myself with food, which at the time worked, till I looked in the mirror.

For years I struggled with many YoYo diets, shakes, tablets for that quick fix, till I later had a medical scare – what a wakeup call. When you try so many diets and fail, you beat yourself up and in the end you just have another excuse for the weight gain.

Throughout my life I have always put on a brave face, a happy smile and tried my hardest to improve the days of others.  Sadly forgetting myself along the way.  Inside my inner peace was crumbling which created a huge list of domino medical issues.  Till my very dear friend, Ellen introduced me to Tanisha Tottman – Founder of Busyslim.

I attended the information evening in Camden and met with some of the previous Busyslim successors.  Wow was I blown away by their journeys and I immediately thought– It’s my turn.

I signed up for Tanisha Tottman’s 12 week Busyslim weight loss program and honestly my inner peace was trembling, not knowing what to expect.

Busyslim is conducted in an extremely cosy, comfy environment within a small personal group. Thus providing us with one on one guidance along the way and a great chance to bond with everyone in the group.  I have made lifetime friends that have travelled an amazing road of weight loss, fun, fitness, laughter, cooking, shopping guidance, group outings and much much more.

I am very proud to say I lost 7.9kg’s and a whopping 48cms.  Not to mention the loss of my health issues.  My motivation has exploded and I love life and the great outdoors.  No more hiding behind my excuses and staying home because it’s easier.

I’m alive, vibrant, feeling great and being included in fun activities and dining out with great friends.  Bring on my happy future.

Busyslim is no quick fix, it’s so much more.  You are provided with an abundance of information and tools for ongoing success.

You not only train your body and what you put in it, but you also learn to reset your RAS with positive outcomes.  Learning self worth and nutrition is a life changing experience.

I am no longer a victim of my past – I am a Survivor.

I now feel confident, proud of my achievements and positively looking forward to a very happy future.

I highly recommend Busyslim.

Don’t think about it – DO IT you too will be amazed.

The evening workshops were fun, informative and triggered the psychological issues which affected the past progress for myself.

It’s eye opening to find the triggers that stopped the success.

For me it was an emotional journey with so much care and support.

Once the trigger surfaced, I was given the tools to find the “Y” (why) –

Why I wanted the change.  It all starting making sense, motivation set in and I was on my way.

The exercise classes were private, hard work, fun, musical and all in the comfort of a great environment.  The personal attention to fitness detail was extraordinary, for the first time I lost 48cm of fat!

I would go on and on with my gratitude and buzz about Tanisha Tottman’s 12 week Busyslim weight loss program, but I must leave room for other success stories…..YOU can be one of them!

If you’re still looking for someone to change your life – look in the mirror.

Call Tanisha from Busyslim- I’m so glad I did.

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Jo's Story

March 17, 2015

Jo's Story


Busyslim has changed my life

My name is Joanne Van Heeswyk, I am 55 years of age, a wife, mum to 2 grown up boys one whom still lives at home and an extremely busy woman. I have struggled with my weight throughout my life for many reasons at 13 years of age I weighed 82kgs which looking back now was not very good at all. At age 23 I had totally reversed that and was lucky to weigh 50 kilos and had begun to have an unhealthy obsession with food and weight loss. Getting to a goal weight was never hard to achieve, but maintaining it was hard, I would self sabotage each time. Then menopause came along, work, business and personal life was a mess,  depression set in, weight was hard to shift and so the cycle began again, depression loss of motivation and food obsession became high again. To the outside world through most of my life I was this confident strong vibrant person but behind that mask I was anything but.  It started costing me an absolute fortune trying all the diets in books, online programs, miracle pills, miracle equipment.

Did any of them work?  For a While……Did any of them make me feel better about myself? NO!  Then I was on Facebook one day and saw a post re Tanisha Tottmans Busyslim program, knowing Tanisha I was curious, so I went to the website made an inquiry chatted to Tanisha and became the first person to sign up on the program.  I new when I spoke to Tanisha then that this was the last program that I would ever have to follow as the philosophy behind the 12 week program was I knew deep down what I needed to change my life.

Whilst I lost 5.3kgs and 22cms doing the Busyslim 12 Week program. The Question is ….  Did it change my life YES! Did it make me feel better about myself YES, WHY? …. Because the Busyslim program changed my life in more ways than just my weight loss, my emotional attitude to my entire life has been changed forever. The program gave me the tools to take control of every situation in my life and stay on the positive end whenever they arise, I learnt to like no I learnt to LOVE myself and my self worth is returning more and more each day and with that comes more confidence and I no longer have that obsession with food so my life is much healthier in so many ways. I am a more happy, positive confident person who is growing in self worth more and more everyday and achieving things that I would of only dreamt of before doing Busyslim.

The Busyslim program was 2hrs a week and I could not wait for Monday and Thursday evenings to come around. Monday evenings subjects were always educational and you were given more tools towards reaching your goal, then there were Thursday evening training sessions and weigh ins which kept me honest and accountable but above all on track to meet my goals. We had a lot of  laughter and fun and I got to spend the evenings with a great bunch of people whom I have become extremely good friends with.

Losing the weight and maintaining it for the past 3 months is fantastic but the greatest feeling is knowing that these tools I have learnt are there for life. They are not just another book that I put on the shelf to read later.

Whilst the Busyslim program is for weight loss, it was for me so much more than that and I believe the same for everyone that completes the program, it gives  you confidence, motivation, inspiration and above all I believe ‘SELF WORTH’ which leads you to firstly like yourself and then LOVE yourself.

Because of BUSYSLIM I am now doing what I set out to do many years ago and that is to motivate, inspire and help people. I am now proud to be standing in front of people just like myself as a Busyslim Weight loss Consultant.

I am currently completing a Diploma in Weight loss Consulting, redoing my Certificate 3 & 4 in fitness and continue my life helping others make positive and permanent change. Seeing other people achieve their dreams and goals is not a job but a passion and I am proud to be part of the Busyslim team because it has changed my life and now I can use my knowledge to help change the lives of others.

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