What Truly Makes Me Happy

What Truly Makes Me Happy

April 26, 2017

I started to think today about what truly makes me happy. It's an interesting question when you think about it. We all love certain things, material possessions and to feel good about ourselves.  When I really stripped it down and thought about what all of this 'physical and material stuff' represents to me, it came down to one word - progress.

What's makes you happy? Where is your progress?
Life isn't meant to be perfect; how do you define perfection anyway. But we all deserve to be happy. How you live your life, how you treat others and most importantly how you treat yourself is really where true beauty and happiness lies. How you care for your body - what you put in it, how you move it, and how you appreciate it is all a part of this. Well that's my belief anyway 😊
If we aren't happy while navigating the struggles of living, then what's the actual point!

So I'd like to share 3 things that make or have made me truly happy today....
Raising my 3 children to be good people with dreams and positive attitudes. It's been a messy ride and I can't count the mistakes, the times when I wanted to get off mum duty and especially the solo mum ride. Oh, and the days I've thought that I'm a crap parent, to be honest. But I get 10 points for loving my children, and always pulling myself together again and trying...today, I always say, is a brand new day. I look at my children now at their different stages in life and I'm happy they are all doing well. They are growing up to be great adults.

I have self-assessed, taken advice and made changes along the way. And I continue to do so. So despite the crazy, this is progress. That makes me extremely happy.

My own personal journey with my weight and my emotional demons...Yep, this has been huge! The journey I know in this arena never ends. YOU KNOW how hard it can be to break through barriers and keep moving forward...I know you do and that is a massive reason why I created Busyslim...I'm happy, I'm healthy and I'm in control. I want you to be too.

I am a great role model for my kids. I look in the mirror and I now love who I see and who I am. My progress hasn't been an easy road but I'm now here at this moment and it feels great.

Am I perfect?...Well if you want to be picky, then no. I have cellulite, soft skin in places, stretch marks for Africa and days where exercise feels like a chore. And, well, I just wish I could eat lots of donuts. I have times when I battle self doubt and let what other people think about me get under my skin. But, my body is the best it can be living the life I now do. I have a level of positive self-esteem that helps me let go of these moments very quickly. My overall goals are always about maintaining my weight, continuing to learn and build on my emotional strength, maintaining my physical strength and having energy. That makes me happy..again progress!

How could I not make the decision to help you with the knowledge I have gained over the years? My progress in myself as a woman has simply been massive. At Busyslim, we want to help you be able to look back as well at some point and go "wooohoo, look at me now!!", remembering where you started from...

And lastly, well, it ties into the last one but my journey in my working life. The changes I have made, the incredibly scary steps I have taken but with blind faith that I'm valuable, I have something to offer - to realise my purpose and passion and keep believing and growing even when it feels tough. Busyslim started in my living room...I had a stiff vodka before the very first workshop of people thinking this is going to work...and here we are now.

Growth; many people already living happy lives because they saw value in getting help from doing the Busyslim program; took the advice, applied it and their lives are now on a different path than the negative and unhealthy one they were on... this is progress!
So take some time like I did and ask yourself the question. If you're not happy, what do you need to make progress in to move forward, become empowered and actually be HAPPY?! Life is short. Don't waste it. I'm not going to.