Weight Loss Tips For Busy Mums

Weight Loss Tips For Busy Mums

April 06, 2015


Every mum is busy. You may be at home with a newborn, or making the transition back into the workforce, you may be working from home or juggling a troop of small children. The common factor is that your life is very demanding. In order to manage all the stresses on your time when you’re on the go, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you save time.

Firstly….. LOVE YOURSELF You have the most important job in the world and you are AWESOME


Get up earlier – This might not sound like a good idea especially if you have had broken sleep. However, if you can get up 15 minutes before the earliest riser it gives you some peaceful time to get organised for the day. It means getting dressed in peace, gathering your thoughts for the day and leads to a less more organised day.

You Time – Often easier said than done especially when you have very young or younger children. The truth is no one is going to give you time to yourself; you have to learn to take it. It is extremely important for you to schedule time for catching up with friends, for exercising and looking after your well being. Call on support from your partner, a babysitter or other family member. If you take time out to care for yourself you will be able to cope much better with daily demands on you.

Menu Plan Day to day life runs much more smoothly if you’ve planned your meals for the week ahead.  It means you can shop ahead for the key ingredients you will need. Bake double batches of meals and freeze extra for dinners then you don’t have to think about it if your day doesn’t run smoothly, this will avoid the problem of eating junk or processed food.

Cleaning Routine  There is no escaping it! By allocating 15 to 30 minutes a day to cleaning and tidying your home it will be much easier to manage daily chores. Have a schedule for your weekly cleaning.

Time Management Take a couple of minutes in the morning to prioritise what needs doing for the day that way its easier to not be distracted or caught up in activities or chores that are not priority. Try limiting social media, checking emails and texts to periods of the day when you are not busy your down time but make sure its about ½ hr before bed so that your not wired and will sleep much better.

Share Lifts If you have school age children maybe you and friends could have a roster to be able to alternate taking the kids to school to save time.

File Effectively Bills and paperwork can pile up at an alarming speed when you are busy. Instead of ignoring it take control and implement a practical system. Go through mail daily and have a file for your correspondence and Label 1. Action 2. Reply 3. File and follow up at end of week set a day. By investing a little time each day it can save a huge amount of time.

Use a timer Sometimes is it really easy to waste time especially when you are busy. Set a timer that might mean 15 mins cleaning kitchen and when timer goes off move on to next chore. It maybe not finished completely but has kept you focused on the task at hand rather than drifting from one thing to another.

Have a back up Bag Keep a bag in the car with some snacks, water bottle and other personal items just in case your day changes.

Grocery Shop Designate one day a week for grocery shopping or shop on line and have it delivered to home you can get everything delivered these days and that can free up some more you time and save you money.

Prepare the night before Have clothes ready, lunches prepared and in the fridge, table set for breakfast that way there will be less chaos with getting ready for school work etc

Take advantage of Apps There is an app for just about everything. Take advantage of them to save you time and your sanity.

Learn to say “NO” Mums always try to be everything to everybody and it’s just not possible. Decide the things that are truly important to you and make them a priority. Say “No” to things that don’t fit into yours and your family’s life.

Just Let go Chaos is just part of life, what we need to do is recognise your own contribution to it. That is the only part that we control. By taking steps life outsourcing certain household jobs you will gain more freedom to enjoy life

Get out doors Sun Water Wind all of these feed our senses and lead us towards serenity better than anything else. It maybe just to sit outside in the yard, draw a warm bath, go for a brisk walk…. The important thing is figure out what soothes you!!!

Handy Hints:

  • Pre-cut Vegetables and seal in bags in the fridge
  • Triple washed prepacked salad mix
  • Frozen vegetables in steamer bags or precook your own and freeze ready to use.
  • Roast up Vegetables and keep in container in fridge to add to salads or reheat for a meal when you are on the run or use as quick soup base
  • Use mince garlic herbs and spices in a jar
  • Quick Rice or cook up a batch of rice put in containers and freeze
  • Bottled sauces and dressings or make up a homemade batch which will last for a few days in an airtight jar. 

Exercise Tips for Busy Mums:

Set Goals Set Goals for building exercise into your life …. Like a 12 week goal to be consistently exercising 4 times a week …. Then break it down and start with committing to two days to start and build up from there.

Schedule In Put yourself on the calendar, every weekend take time to sit down and set times for the coming week when you are going to exercise put in your diary just like you have an appointment.

Footwear Invest in good footwear… you are on your feet a lot and then to exercise as well you need to look after what you stand on …. Helps to prevent injuries and back pain if you have good support.

Babysitting Find a friend who you can swap babysitting time with i.e.: you look after her kids one morning so she can go train and then the next day she does the same for you.

Outdoor Fun Take the kids to the local park, set up a circuit of body weight exercises but add in some fun like having 2 buckets with tennis balls and have part of the circuit that they need to get a ball, run and climb over picnic table and put in the other bucket, wherever you are they will want to participate if its fun and you get to have your workout to.

Can’t get outdoors?

Buy a skipping rope. Do 4 Mins of Tabbatta skipping put simply 20 seconds of Mad Skipping followed by 10 seconds rest…. Repeat continuously 8 times…. This will ramp up your metabolism and its super fast…. And you can take your skipping rope anywhere.

Equipment – Can’t afford Dumbbells or other equipment….just buy a resistance band…. There is so much you can do with one of these things! 

House Cleaning Is it house cleaning day? Make this a workout!!! So each room you clean decide on an exercise … you need to do 3 sets of 15 repetitions of it before you leave it …. So cleaning little “Molly’s” room … do 3 sets of pushups through out the clean and then move on… Squats in Billy’s Room, Tricep Dips in the bathroom of the bath or bench top… think outside the square!!!

Small Bursts Do small bursts of 10 minutes of exercise even if it’s a quick walk around the block with bubs set up in the pram.

Resistance Training Have a baby? Use him/her in your workout…. Provides resistance training for you and loads of fun for them.

Gym Find a gym with childcare, you get to train no matter the weather and the kid/kids get to bond with other children.

Workouts Add a workout in your week that helps with distressing like Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates….. buy a DVD if you can’t get to a class and do it at home.