The best we can do is Breathe and Reboot

The best we can do is Breathe and Reboot

August 28, 2014

Life can really throw us a curve ball at times whether its a lifestyle change, a relationship change or even just a change in the weather, sometimes all our best-laid plans with our weight loss goals and healthy choices can just go out the window.

Have you had those times when it was all going so well then all of a sudden you feel like its unravelling, a wheel fell off and you are scrambling to try to get it all together again? And to make it worse life is just so damn busy that you struggle to have time to relax let alone sort your whole lifestyle situation out once again! I can certainly say I know this happens and it has definitely happened for me.
So what do we do? Well, we can breathe and we can reboot. After all, tomorrow is a brand new day and how we are feeling and the choices that we make as a result of that can really change the course of events.

Let's use spring as a good example. We wake up, the day is warmer, everything feels easier and everyone we bump into seems happier too.  Suddenly a cold salad for lunch is appealing when a week ago it was the last thing on earth that you felt like eating. We start to want to eat better, we feel more motivated to exercise, we decide we want to wear our favourite summer shorts again!

So my point here - You can never give up on your health and fitness goals and our Busyslim 12 week program is all about understanding what makes us emotionally tick, but more importantly how we can use the emotional tools we already have in our tool box (and don't know are there) to get back on the wagon and start moving forward again.


While I changed my life for the greater good many years ago and adopted a healthy lifestyle, sometimes I too have these moments.
Busyslim has been a wonderful thing for me seeing other people who were floundering emotionally reboot and get back on track. But I also have to periodically do this with myself as well and even though I am a teacher, in turn, I continue to teach myself and learn from others who come into my life. I remind myself and my children that we are human, it doesn't always stay to plan but we can turn it around if we want to but you have to want to.

So where are you at right now? On track or needing to take that breathe and reboot? If your in that place tomorrow is a brand new day. I got a bit off track with my fitness goals recently. I admit it and I knew it. But thanks to a holiday and the attitude I have to life, I am pleased that I have taken breath, rebooted and now I am firmly back in track. I hope this is the same for you. Because as I said before tomorrow is a brand new day and the opportunities and success that come with it are endless. Here's to rebooting!